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Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm PST
, they are not fair, they will hurt our economy, they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment roles. >> reporter:to replace the cuts, democrats in the senate propose a combination of more tax revenue from top subsidies and reducing defense spending after the afghanistan. to support any increases in tax revenues. house speaker john boehner released a statement tuesday arguing the problem is his counterparts in the senate don't deny the consequences of the cuts will be dramatic. >> republicans deserve blame. i'll take some blame for it but the president of the united states is supposed to lead. why doesn't he call people over, and we sit down and prevent the sequestration from happening? >> reporter:the president is calling on congress to pass a temporary respite while negotiations on a long-term solution >> i'm willing to work with anybody to get this job done. none of us will get >> reporter:the spending cuts were mandated by a 2011 agreement to raise the federal debt ceiling. the idea behind the cuts was to force congress intoobama says in a statement that the general is reti
Feb 18, 2013 5:00pm PST
community in this week's clipped in. >>> it is the importance of tech to the economy, it got it during the state of the union address. >> a shut erred warehouse is a state-of-the-art lab where new workers are mastering 3-d printing that has the way to revolutionize how we make everything. >> new thinking is that you do not have to go west to get your idea. >> no longer do you have to say silicon valley is the only place i can go. if i have a start-up dream. >> that's one of the principles behind 1776, which will soon occupy this space in washington, d. c., far from silicon valley. >> every city in america was built by entrepreneurs. >> reporter: the goal is to bring young companies together in a campus and create a community along them and help them find ways to maximize the city around them rather than leave home base. >> silicon valley has awesome assets that are unique to that ecosystem. we have assets that are you -- unique to our ecosystem. >> reporter: it is a concept entrepreneurs can apply to any city. >>> the giants name their opening day starter. plus more on the cal coach th
Feb 20, 2013 5:00pm PST
. anxious, and people are thinking that the economy is improving. so there is no fear. the stock market goes higher. and also, the 10 year treasury. with just a 2%. infiltration expectations and gold has fallen apart recently. it is a good hedge for wealthy people but the average consumer should not purchase. . and you are able to put any of your questions to rob black. >> veto autopsy results are out. and they confirm country music singer mindy mccready's death was a suicide. been one gunshot wound to the head. this was at least her fourthmccready's boyfriend and the father of her youngest son - david wilson is believed to same porch of the home they shared. the troubled singer was in the middle of what he called a "perfect storm." besides her boyfriend dying on the same porch five weeks ago, the friend says mccready was afraid of losing her children. the day before she committed suicide, her friend says family services was proposing her kids move to florida with her mother. and a reminder, you can catch all your entertainment news, right here on kron-4. o-m-g insider starts at seven, follo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3